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Channel 3 News Today (New) A comprehensive look at local, statewide and national news events is provided by the Channel 3 News Team, along with updates on sports, weather and traffic.
Today (HD, New, TV-G) "The Greatest Showman" star Zendaya; "Golden Globe Nominations"; "What I Love About the Holidays."

Most Shocking Chases and Crashes 4 (TV-PG) The clips have a man and woman fleeing from police officers, a racecar driver losing complete control, a tumbling vehicle, and a woman considering suicide.
Alaska State Troopers Burning Alaska (HD, TV-14) A trooper negotiates with a man holding an automatic rifle on him; Fairbanks is threatened by a wildfire, and evacuating its residents is a challenge.
Crime 360 Blunt Force Killer (HD, TV-14) After two men are found beaten to death in their bedrooms, detectives discover that the victims had recently been harassed for being homosexual.

Bronco The Harrigan (TV-G) Bronco and a hard-drinking Irishman, Harrigan, are fired after an attack on the stage they were paid to protect, in which passengers were killed.
The Lone Ranger Death in the Forest (TV-PG) As the Lone Ranger and Tonto investigate a murderous plot against the governor, they learn an unlikely candidate is aiding the people wanting to end his life.
The Lone Ranger The Gentleman from Julesburg (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger asks for some assistance from a unique character with a handy skill in hopes of saving the young man from a prison cell.
The Lone Ranger Hidden Fortune (TV-PG) Robbers want their stolen loot after 10 years in prison, but when they learn the buried fortune is now covered by a house, they plan to remove the homeowners.
The Lone Ranger The Old Cowboy (TV-PG) An attorney frames an aging cowboy in a violent crime to attain his ranch and land, so he can sell the property to a railroad company for a substantial profit.
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